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DD1 maintains a commitment to delivering high quality projects.

Our Quality Assurance team works in close consultation with all our construction teams under a model of continuous improvement.
Our continuous improvement strategy is aimed at identifying and employing those construction practices that will add to both the quality and longevity of our projects.
Our comprehensive project completion strategy, refined over many years and across a portfolio encompassing a broad range of construction outcomes, provides our clients and end-users with a cooperative and reassuring completion process.
Our commitment to quality continues on every project throughout our liability period and is managed and monitored by a dedicated quality team that works in close consultation with our client and other stakeholders.
Our clients rightfully expect the highest standards of quality and are confident in both the knowledge and experience that DD1 always strives to provide.
DD1 prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of services that complement the core construction business.
Our design and construct service is renowned by our peer organisations as being one of the best in the business.
Working with a client (or potential client) we are able to work from concept through to fully completing projects providing invaluable advice throughout the whole process. The broad range of experience we have in-house and the high calibre of our professional workforce means that we are able to achieve the client’s vision in the most cost-effective manner.
You are encouraged to contact us with your concept and we will provide a no-obligation consultation where we will explore alternatives with you or your team.
Ultimately we will make recommendations that will assist you in determining an appropriate strategy designed to bring your vision into reality.